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Fish and crustaceans

Scampis with fine vegetables and saffron 19,50
Scallops with Vadouvan 22,00
Select mussels from Galicia, prepaired the Belgian way 18,00
Frogs’legs served flambé with "Ricard" in cream sauce 17,00
Fresh salmon in white wine sauce 15,00
Victoria perch filet with chives cream 13,00
Trout fried in butter with almonds 15,00


Chicken breast with tarragon 11,00
Seasoned spring chicken in the oven 14,00
Porc filet with grain mustard from “Meaux” and dill 13,00
“Ibérico” porc chop with local Málaga wine  sauce (1 piece) 13,00
“Ibérico” porc chop with local Málaga wine  sauce (2 pieces) 18,00
Entrecôte of beef with pink pepper sauce 17,50
Filet of beef with Bordelaise sauce 19,50
Steak tartare 17,00
Andalusian  lambrack with honey (2 pers) 19,50 p.p
Leg of Málaga goat with local  wine sauce 16,00
The main plates are served with varied salad or cooked vegetables, and with Belgian chips, croquettes or “rösti”potatoes