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Ice cream preparations according to traditional methods

Vanilla ice cream 4,50
Chocolate “Rocher”ice cream 5,50
Baileys ice cream 5,50
Ice cream with rhum and raisins 5,50
Amarena ice cream 5,50
Dame Blanche 5,50
Sorbet of Sicilian mandarins 4,50
Soufflé glacé with Grand Marnier 6,50


Coffee 1,20
Capuccino 1,60
Large choice of teas 1,20
Irish coffee 6,00
French coffee 6,50
Tia Maria coffee 6,50
Sabayon with Marsala  (2 pers) 4,50 p.p.
Varied cheese assortment  (Spain-France-Italy-Belgium) price/weight
Warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream 5,50
Choice of pastries 5,50